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Referendums - Overview

Referendums are All-Student Votes and give you the ultimate say in the big decisions in your Students’ Union. Any student can call (and vote in) a Referendum – the highest decision-making body in the Union.

If you have a campaign that you want the student body to support, you can demand that a Referendum is held, by either:

  • Getting the signatures of 1.5% of the student population at Queen’s
  • Asking Student Council to call a Referendum

You can request that the Students’ Union host a digital petition to demand that a referendum is held on a particular issue. If you want to call a Referendum, contact the SU Voice team. They can advise you in confidence before you get started.

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All-Student Votes - Results

An all-student vote took place from 5 - 7 December 2023 on the following issue:

  • Decolonise, Demilitarise and Democratise Queen’s University Belfast
Decolonise, Demilitarise and Democratise Queen’s University Belfast

YES                       1,351         88.71%

NO                            172        11.29%

1,545 students voted in this Referendum, representing 6.26% of eligible voters.

22 students recorded an abstention and therefore did not agree or disagree with the proposal.

The proposal is carried and is deemed to be a valid expression of the views of the members of the Union.


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