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Students' Union Referendum - NOTIFICATION

An all-student vote will take place on Thurs 6 Oct on amendments to the Rules of the Union with the following effect(s):

  • Create greater postgraduate student representation across the three Faculties of the University.
  • Remove the Part-Time Postgraduate Taught Officer and Postgraduate Research Officer, replacing these posts with a Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep and a Postgraduate Research Faculty Rep in each of the three Faculties in Queen’s. (i.e., six postgraduate faculty reps in total)
  • Replace the existing three Faculty Rep posts with three Undergraduate Faculty Rep posts
  • Change the representation of Students’ Union Council committees to reflect the changes detailed above.
  • Make Part-Time Student Officers non-voting members of the Executive Management Committee (i.e., with the right to attend and have full speaking rights), to remove the requirement for Part-Time Student Officers to attend all meetings of EMC and to remove Part-Time Student Officers from the quorum requirement for EMC.
  • Streamline the reporting requirements for Full-Time Student Officers; require them to report to students monthly on their activities.
  • Require Clubs and Societies Committee members to attend mandatory training.
  • Give the Students’ Union Management Board the responsibility for employment procedures for Full-Time Student Officers.
  • Clarify some inconsistencies / ambiguities in the text of the Constitution.

Voting will take place on Q-SU.ORG on Thurs 6 Oct, 7am - 10pm.

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Referendums - Overview

Referendums are All-Student Votes and give you the ultimate say in the big decisions in your Students’ Union. Any student can call (and vote in) a Referendum – the highest decision-making body in the Union.

If you have a campaign that you want the student body to support, you can demand that a Referendum is held, by either:

  • Getting the signatures of 1.5% of the student population at Queen’s
  • Asking Student Council to call a Referendum

You can request that the Students’ Union host a digital petition to demand that a referendum is held on a particular issue. If you want to call a Referendum, contact the SU Voice team. They can advise you in confidence before you get started.

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