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Students' Union Elections 2024 - Information for Staff

The biggest and most exciting thing to happen in our SU Calendar is here!

At the start of each year, we begin the search for our new Student Leaders.

There are lots of positions available and any student at Queen’s can run for one, no matter what School they’re from or what year they’re in. There are a variety of Student Officer, Academic Rep and Student Rep positions available:

Staff and student reps working effectively together in partnership enhances the student experience, supports more responsive service provision and creates greater shared understanding of the challenges faced by staff and by students.

Working together, we can make the academic, and overall, student experience as good as it can be.


Faculty and School Rep Elections
Undergrad Faculty- and Undergrad School- Representatives are elected during this election period.

Recruitment for UG Course Reps (at Levels 2,3,4, & 5) will take place in April 2024

Postgraduate Faculty, School and Course Reps will be elected in Sept 2024.

UG Course Reps (Level 1) will be elected in Sept 2024.

The Role of University Staff

Staff can help by:

  • Promoting voting in the elections (4 - 7 Mar). Supporting guidance and a toolkit will be available below in advance of the voting period.
  • Remaining impartial towards candidates throughout the election process. This means that staff should not endorse candidates or encourage students to vote for particular candidates, or provide access to resources that they would not ordinarily make available to all candidates in an election.
  • Allowing students to promote themselves to students. (This could include: allowing candidates to speak briefly to students before a lecture / tutorial / lab; playing a brief video provided by a candidate or allowing them to post a short statement / social media links to your students.)

Promotional Toolkit

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The Promotional Toolkit
Our candidate promotion toolkit will help ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO VOTE FOR THEIR School Reps, Faculty Reps and Student Officers.

It contains sample social media posts and sample emails to assist with promotion.

Voting takes place Mon 4 Mar - Thu 7 Mar.


Download Toolkit (.doc)    Download Toolkit Graphics Pack (.zip)