Why Vote?

Why Vote?

You can make your voice heard by choosing who represents you and leads your Union.

Your Student Officer Team will represent you and the 25,000+ other Queen's students and make real decisions that make a real impact on your lives.

It’s so important that you have your say in who you want to represent you for loads of reasons, outlined below.

Plus, as a thank you, we're giving away a £500* cash prize to a lucky voter. We also have a load of other prizes up for grabs, including a night out in the Union Bar (on us), a month's groceries, and Graduation Package (worth up to £350)* - just vote to be in with a chance of winning!

  • Your Student Officer Team can really change the things that affect you


    • Improving the quality of your education
    • Campaigning against rising university fees
    • Increasing grants, funding and sponsorships
    • Securing Cost of Living payments from the University
    • Driving initiatives such as The Pantry in the Students' Union
    • Increasing the level of mental health support available to students
    • Improving the services that are available at Queen’s: Career Support - helping you to gain the skills and experience you need to find a job; Libraries, lecture rooms, catering, self-service and other facilities; Increasing quantity of course text books; increasing library opening hours; improving exam schedules; wireless access on campus; assessment and feedback; learning and development service workshops; Work experience opportunities
    • Securing COVID-19 support for students from the government
    • Making your community a safer place
    • Making your views heard in the University, city and government
    • Looking after your welfare
    • Listening to you and helping to change everything else that’s important to you
  • It's easy to find out all about the candidates

    Have a look at The Candidates who are running and read their manifestos.

    They outline their pledges and promises and will let you know what they plan to do for you if they get elected.

    It’s important to read these so you can pick the best team to lead your Union.

  • Your vote matters

    In the past, it has sometimes been a really close call between Candidates, so every single vote really does count.

    Approx 4,000+ students votes in our elections each year.

    Think about the power that the other 20,000 of you have to make a difference!

  • Voting is easy

    It’s all online and there’s handy Vote Smart guide.

  • Voting takes no time at all

    You can do it from the comfort of your own home, and it only takes 5-10 mins tops.

  • It's completely anonymous

    Now that you know all the reasons you should vote, you should have a look at all the Candidates in the running.

Then vote from 10am, Mon 4 Mar - 3pm, Thu 8 Mar at q-su.org.