About the Role

About the Role

Course Reps represent students on their course, and work with other reps and staff in their School to improve the experience for students now and in the future.

PGR Course Reps represent students in their subject area or research cluster.

Course Reps:

  • Represent student views at course-level to the University and within the Students' Union
  • Attend Student Voice Committees in their School and other related committees
  • Work in consultation with School staff to identify and discuss important issues
  • Have an opportunity to make a real change for the better in their School

Course Reps get access to training and support from the Students' Union throughout the year and are eligible for Queen's Degree Plus Award (Combined Experience) for their efforts!

By volunteering just a few hours per week, you can:

  • Gain new, transferable skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Meet new and exciting people on your course and across your School
  • Get more involved in your School and Students’ Union
  • Work on projects that are close to your heart

Course Rep - Role Description

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Available Roles (Mar / Apr 2023)

We are currently recruiting for all Course Rep roles for 2023-24 for the following levels / years:

  • Undergrad Level / Year 2
  • Undergrad Level / Year 3
  • Undergrad Level / Year 4
  • Undergrad Level / Year 5

We are looking for Course Reps in all Schools (except for the School of Nursing and Midwifery, who are recruited through a separate process).