Why Become a Rep?

Why Become a Course Rep?

There are loads of brilliant reasons why you should become a Course Rep!

By becoming a Course Rep you will ...

  • Be the voice of all the students on your Course

    You’ll have the privilege of listening to the views of students and representing them to the University.

  • Make real decisions that make a real impact on students' lives

    You’ll work with other Reps and staff members to help make real changes that have a real impact on students and their experience at Queen’s.

    You'll have a seat at the table at important meetings, the ability to get issues on the agenda and access to the staff of Queen’s who can implement the changes you want to make happen.

    Student Reps have made some big improvements for students in the past and made a real positive impact on their lives, like:

    • improving the quality of course content and teaching
    • organising study skill sessions
    • securing longer study space opening hours
    • extending the dates of deadlines
    • organising School Feedback Sessions to engage other students
    • organising events with other student reps
    • working with lecturers to improve the format of assessment and feedback
    • helping signpost students to important support services
  • Meet loads of new people

    In your role, you’ll get the opportunity to meet lots of new people. This not only includes the students in your School or Faculty, but the other Student Reps and lots of staff members too.

  • Be part of the greater student voice

    You’ll work with student representatives from across the University and within the Students' Union to make change.

    You can also avail of opportunities to work with students in the national students' unions to make change at a national level.

  • Gain skills and be eligible for Future Ready Award / Degree Plus

    You will receive all the essential training to help you in your role. Additional optional skills development sessions will take during the academic year, as will additional briefings / training on key academic issues.

    You will gain new, transferable skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork.

    All Course Reps who complete the mandatory training, attend Student Voice Committees, and engage with the role, are eligible to use the experience to apply for the QUB Future Ready Award / Degree Plus Award (Combined Experience).

    There are also loads of opportunities to get involved in new projects, activities and development opportunities in your School if you wish to become more involved.